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What's Up World!

Thank you for visiting my site to hear about careers and learn more about me. 


I am Brandon Alexander, the Host & Creator of Take Your Homeboy To Work Day.

This idea is fueled by my love for continuous learning and sharing knowledge.  As Host, I get to learn about how we all contribute to society.  Each episode expands my understanding of how the world goes around, which makes recording is a thrill.

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My Story

~ Born in Columbus, OH and a proud die-hard Buckeye's Fan

~ Lived in Augusta, GA for 9 years in the 1990s and became an Atlanta Braves Fan.  Salute Bobby Cox and Rockin' Leo

~ Graduated from St. Charles, an All-Boys Catholic High School in Columbus.  It was annoying to go to an all-boys high school as a teenager, but upon reflection, it was the best decision ever.

~ Graduated from Florida A&M University with my Bachelors and MBA - Strike, Strike & Strike Again

~ Crossed Fall 2004 into The Beta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

~ My Career in Sales has allowed me to travel the country to meet customers and live in 9 metropolitan areas. 

Cities I've lived - (1) New York, NY; (2) Fort Worth, TX; (3) Dallas, TX; (4) Hartford, CT; (5) Newark, DE; (6) Nashville, TN; (7) Tallahassee FL; (8) Columbus, OH; (9) Augusta, GA 

~ Married my wife Stephanie in 2013!  Check her out here!

~ Favorite Movie - Forrest Gump

~ Favorite TV Show - The Wire 

~ Rap GOAT - Phonte Coleman and I'm always down to "barbershop debate" why he should be yours.

Fav. Bar- "Each day is another chance to do the things I could've, done the day before, but didn't, and known I should've."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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